Hearts & Arrows Diamonds


Ideal cuts exist in various qualities: Ranging from excellent to triple excellent, 0 cut to triple 0 cut; ideal cuts became more and more ideal along the way.

When a rough diamond is perfectly cut by symmetry and proportions it will show a very particular effect: The Hearts & Arrows effect.

This is an optical pattern of hearts seen when looking at the stone through the pavilions, and an array of arrows when looking at it from the table. A special viewer is required to see those effects.

In average only 1 of every 8 ideal cut stones will show the heart and arrows effect. That’s why they are also sometimes called superideals.

A perfectly cut stone will show your true love to the person you love the most.

As Cupid was known in the Greek and Roman mythology to shoot people through their hearts with an arrow so they would fall in love with each other, the link is quickly made.

An ideal cut stone showing the Hearts & Arrows effect is almost nothing short of perfection. In order to obtain this effect, the cutter must be willing to sacrifice expensive rough material, losing valuable carat weight to make a smaller diamond of a superior beauty. The extremely low yield from the rough makes this gem the most precious stone, the Hearts & Arrows pattern being the certificate of near-perfection.